Potion Bar

Potion Bar

Potion Bar is a time-management game in which you serve magical drinks
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Shiny tales

Potion Bar is a time-management game in which you have to create and serve magical drinks to your customers. The drinks consist of strange liquids that you have to boil and then you have to add things like mushrooms, clovers, flowers, etc. You will have to serve lots of different customers who have different patience levels. As you make your customers wait, they get anxious and mad, and you can notice that with a face that is displayed above their heads. The faster you serve them, the happier they are and the more money they'll leave.

Each level has a common goal that has to be reached in the time given in order to get to the next level; and there's also an expert level that you can reach by getting more money than is required to pass the level. As you progress, more things will be added and the customers will get more and more demanding, so the game turns very challenging and fast-paced. There are also a series of mini-games that appear from time time to time, which are very enjoyable and add a bit more variety.

Regarding the graphics, they are detailed and attractive. Sound effects are good and the music is fine. All in all, Potion bar is just another time-management game which doesn't include anything new or impressive, but it is enjoyable and has good graphics.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics
  • Mini-games
  • Lots of different characters


  • Only one mode
  • Nothing new or impressive
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